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Posted by Walt Lubinec on August 13, 2013

What do Walt Disney, John Belushi, and Cancer Surgeon Atul Gwande have in common?  They all learned and used the rules of improvisation to release creativity for team based solutions.  A collaborative and creative environment can be created on purpose.  Walt Disney needed many ideas and had to manage teams to be able to produce movies, theme parks, and all the innovative solutions like animatronics.  Disney engineers are called Imagineers because of their unique solutions.  John Belushi was funny alone but even more successful when playing off his fellow Second City team members to create unforgettable comedy.  Atul Gwande implemented the same rules in the form of checklists for team creation with surgical personnel who never worked together before, radically reducing surgical caused fatalities.

So what?

Is your business constantly evolving, if not it is falling behind.  Solving your customer’s problems is what your business does.  It can be done with higher quality, less cost, and higher profit if you unleash the power of Solution Teams within your business.  We have all witnessed it; when one idea sparked another and another until your team had something really workable, something that any individual member of the group may not have come up with but together it just happened.  Let’s work together to create the skills and conditions so that your team can work at their highest potential and make your business work better in the process.


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