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Posted by Walt Lubinec on April 11, 2012

Everyday has the possibility of growing, learning, and becoming just a bit better than we were.  Everyday we log more experiences, sensations, and results from our efforts.  Some experiences have direct learning consequences – read a book about planting tulip bulbs you immediately may have learned a new approach or gained confidence in an existing habit.   However attending a lecture on social media may still leave you wondering where in the hell you should start!
Numerous studies have been done on the various ways the human mind can process information, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive approach to learning styles, and even meshing hypothesis.  All of these studies have shown are that there are many different ways for an individual to absorb information so that they can apply it in their own lives and provide insights to others.
More specific studies have found that when a teacher used lectures to convey material the students were tested and as expected a normal bell curve distribution resulted.  When the same class was subjected to a different teaching style, using more experiential means again a normal bell curve was in the test results, but which students scored very high, median, and low on that curve dramatically changed.  The same change of students occurred when using purely auditory teaching styles.
What can conclude from studies like this is that depending upon who we are, and sometimes even what we are learning, the style by which we absorb the information best can be different.
So if you are committed as I am to learn and better yourself each day you must try multiple methods for learning materials which are core to your growth.  Books, auditory lectures, YouTube videos, experiments in the kitchen, active conversations with interested colleagues and many more methods can help you internalize information so that you can contribute more to the community you live.  Too often we try just one or two ways to learn something and if we are not successful we give up.  What can be said is that each individual can improve learning by attempting just a different learning style.  Each of us has many responsibilities but we also have many opportunities to display and utilize our knowledge to positively impact our own life and the lives of people we love.

If you don’t try, if you give up on something that can really change your and others lives, you are depriving us all of the impact your contribution.
What we need now more than ever is the real power of your genius!


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